Serendib Global Foods

Serendib Global Foods Ltd is on a journey towards exploring global brands to create demands in the UK Market.

Online Retailer

Our digital footprint extends across Amazon, eBay and Shopify. With over 2000 listed products, we make it convenient for customers to explore and acquire global culinary delights from the comfort of their screens.


In partnership with delivered wholesalers, we ensure our diverse range of products reaches every corner of the country.


We empower independent retailers with a treasure trove of offerings that set them apart, enriching their selections and attracting discerning customers.

About Us

We bring Global products to UK.

We specialize in introducing global products into the local UK market, with a particular focus on multicultural foods, health, and well-being products. Our mission is to bridge the gap between diverse international offerings and the UK market, making a rich tapestry of products accessible to the local consumers.

At the heart of our operations is a dedication to sourcing products that reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of the UK’s multicultural population. We understand that the modern consumer seeks not only quality but also a connection to their cultural heritage through the products they consume. This is why we curate a range that celebrates a multitude of flavors, ingredients, and traditions from around the world.

Our Collobaration

We are loyal to everyone

We are Importers and Distributors of specialty fine food and drinks from around the world and cater to the following markets in the UK.

Mainstream Market
Ethnic Market
Cash & Carry Market
Delivered Wholesalers
Independent Retailers
Online Market with Amazon, eBay, FB, Instagram, and Shopify with over 2000 listed products

Our Story

In 2007, we started our business as an ethnic food supplier by promoting Sri Lanka’s leading biscuit brand “Munchee”. In 2011, we diversified our business by importing multicultural food products from around the world to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Moving forward

During the last decade, our success and achievements justified many suppliers and several global brands like Lorenz (Germany), Snyder’s (USA), Baker Street( UK), Munchee (SL), Arizona Iced Tea (USA) and Maretti (Bulgaria) with the volume beyond expectations.

Our Network

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